Wordless Wednesday: A Stroll of Thoughts

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Here is some awesome things on my favorite animal which I ran across online that you can look at.

It’s from one of the greatest cat blogs on-line.

The sun decided to show itself in a bright blue sky yesterday, so me and my Black Baby Purr plushy took a stroll in the neighborhood – my first stroll of the year. My thoughts were of my furr-iend, Mr. Furrrrg as I wished him safe travel to the clouds.

Strollin’ with Baby Purr Plushy


Meeting Shadow the Kitty Along the Way

In loving memory of Sunny Reginald Furrrrguson who got his wings on Monday. I miss you Mr. Furrrrg. Sending comforting hugs to your family and warm purrs to you.

Saying About Friendship

Portrait image credit: Furrrrguson

And now, I welcome you to join the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop hosted by BlogPaws. Just add your linky below and click on those of furr-iends to see what they’re up to. And just a reminder, my LOVE LETTER CONTEST ends soon, so don’t forget to submit your letter for a chance to win cute prizes! Click here for entry details. Mew Mew!


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I really hope you thought this was as cool as I did

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