The Top Five Christmas Presents for Your Cat

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The Top Five Christmas Presents for Your Cat

Cats are not just pets – they’re an important part of the family.

This Christmas, everybody will be sharing gifts, tearing up wrapping paper and feeling festive, so it’s understandable that cat owners like to include their four-legged companion in the seasonal celebrations.

However, while the gesture of giving a gift is good-willed, some are unsafe for pets. Therefore, to avoid anything ruining the jolly mood on Christmas day, here’s a list of the safest cat gifts to hand out this year!

Read on below to make sure that the cat treats that you’re going to be investing in are feline-friendly:

Kong toy Wobblers

Kong toy wobblers are the ultimate treat for your furry friend.

Not only are they hours of fun, they’re also beneficial to their health too as they’re a great form of exercise, playing on a cat’s instinct to hunt.

The wobbling motion of the toy mimics that of wild prey and encourages your pet to pounce and attack, just as they would in an outdoor setting. This will provide them with mental and physical stimulation, which helps to prevent boredom, laziness and obesity.

Along with this, cats will have to capture the toy and bat it around before it releases the treats inside. This will increase the satisfaction that your cat will feel when they finally get to their targets.

Wand Toys

While something dangling from the end of a stick may not seem like much fun to you, it’s sure to make the perfect cat Christmas present.

There are plenty of different wand toy options out there. Some of these have feathers attached to the end which resemble a real bird, with the motions they make when waved in the air. This will encourage your cat’s hunting nature and keep them active, even when indoors.

Other wand toys can have a durable piece of fabric tied to the end, which you can use to play tug o’ war.

These toys will keep your cat stimulated and entertained for hours while keeping their curiosity and hunting instinct trained.

It’s good to note that if you’re on a tight budget, these toys can easily be handmade.

Scratching posts

Investing in a scratching post as a present for your furry friend is a win-win situation for both parties.

Not only does your cat get a toy that will keep their claws groomed but it provides a welcome distraction to chair chompers.

Along with this, a scratching post will give your cat a great tool to help them stretch their muscles. They can be purchased in a wide range of shapes and colours, so you’ll find something to match your interior design.

Chewable treats

Everybody loves a little extra treat to snack on over the festive season, cats are no exception.

However, while we may opt for a mince pie or a chocolatey treat, these are not suitable for our pets.

Chew toys are a brilliant Christmas present for cats. They are suitable for cats to snack on and due to their texture, will keep them occupied for a while!

They come in a multitude of different cat-friendly flavours, such as chicken and liver.

Toy mice

Toy mice are a classic cat toy.

They can be interactive, by purchasing either remote control or battery powered options, which you can watch your cat chase and pounce at. This will provide hours of entertainment for both of you.

You can simply make one by hand. Handmaking a gift for your fluffy companion will show them you care, without breaking your budget. The best thing about this is that your cat won’t mind if you get the proportions wrong!

Photo: Kayte Terry

In-between all the fun and games this Christmas, remember to keep your cat safe and healthy. Keep any toxic foods and potential hazards such as glass baubles and flashing string lights out of reach. It is a good idea to have pet insurance for cats, to ensure they are protected in the case of any unforeseen accidents.

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