PupPod and The Pet Tutor Bundle

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Enrichment toys are so important for a dog’s general health and well being.

The PupPod is a Kong-shaped electronic toy that uses a combination of lights, sounds and sensors to encourage your dog to think about the puzzle in order to receive a reward. The puzzles are relatively simple at first, simply bumping the toy will create a sound and light reward that is followed by a treat. As your dog continues to learn, the puzzles become harder.

Each session play is recorded on a mobile app, so of course you can share your pup’s skills  on social media and in the PupPod community on Facebook. It’s a lot of fun to see how fast your dog can learn a new trick!

Now PupPod has teamed up with the PetTutor, an unique invention designed to give your pets treats automatically and it has been modified to sync up perfectly with the PupPod toy. Now you can help your dog learn on their own. Each time the reward sounds, the PetTutor distributes a treat to your pet. This actually helps encourage faster learning as it doesn’t rely on an all of us easily distracted humans to treat our dog each time.

Plus there are many other advantages besides just the fun of dispensing treats.  Dogs who are naturally anxious will benefit as this toy keeps them active and moving with purpose during times of stress. Dogs who eat their food too fast can also benefit, as you can use your regular dog food instead of treats – this helps them slow their eating.

And of course its always challenging to keep a smart, active dog busy and stimulated in winter time – especially if you live in an area that experiences lots of rain and snow. The same holds true  when its too hot for pups to play outside in the summertime. for us in summertime here in the Southwest, which is another reason we love this toy.

The PupPod + PetTutor bundle is an ideal way to keep your dogs active during times they can’t go outside.

If you’re seeking a way to keep your pets entertained and their minds moving, this is a set  is a must have investment.

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