Wordless Wednesday: Even a Peanut Can Get Promoted

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The following is some remarkable things on cats which I discovered online that you can look over.

It happens to be from one of the best cat sites on the net.

For this week’s Wordless Wednesday post, it is another wordy one as I have some announcements to make regarding members of my staff. As you know, they are split into two departments: The ‘Protagonists’ and ‘The Antagonists.’ I am proud to say that staff members from both departments are all very loyal and have been with Noir Kitty Mews since the beginning – 2015. They work behind the scenes to help make it possible, as my support team. Though it is my blog – made for and created by ME – I do from time to time look to them for post ideas and inspiration. And you’ll notice, they make occasional appearances in my posts as well. Today is about recognizing them as I announce their promotions!

Kitty Mews’ Staff Promotions

The Protagonists

Former position: Sr. Advisor
In Memorium Promotion: Sr. Advisor Emeritus

As you remember, I was very sad to lose the most senior member of my Noir Kitty Mews staff, Willow, who went OTRB July 2016. Willow was the finest Advisor I could ever have asked for. His depth of experience was so great as was his keen understanding of the world. He was always welcoming and respectful to his fellow cat brethren, friends and neighbors. To honor him in the clouds I have given him a promotion. His title is now Senior Advisor Emeritus and have retired his former one. A lilac will be forever in bloom alongside his nap rocker where he did most of his “advising.” The staff and I think of him every day.

Former Professional Hunter
Promotion: Sr. Professional Hunter

Oliver has found much stimulation and success as a Professional Hunter for Noir Kitty Mews. Mousies, rats, bunnies, squirrelygigs, birdies, snakes, spiders and zoms (zombies) beware! He is purr-fectly suited for his craft – the best there is around. Why, he has even become a legend in his hometown – his name whispered across the countryside. The youthful cats seek him out for tips and mentorship in the art of depredation. Oliver is being promoted to the senior-level position at this time.

Former position: Communications
Promotion: Director of Communications

Right from the start, Pip was an obvious choice for the communications position, with her uncanny ability to demand attention. Through her many mannerisms, she has been very effective at drawing others to her. She is adept at communicating with humans, and has found ways to do so with other lifeforms as well, including the D-O-Gs. Pip has now advanced to become the Director of Communications.

On a personal note, I no longer pursue “My Juliet,” even though she was my first love. She has made it very clear over the years that she is not interested in any type of courtship or nepotism in the workforce even though I’ve tried to tell her that it is not against policy. Upon the advice of furr-iends, I have shifted my heart’s affection to another.

Former position: Nature Researcher
Promotion: Nature Researcher III

Winona continues to observe nature in secret and silent observation with her cloaking abilities and stealth. She has advanced her skills at identifying various habitats and wildlife. Her talents for spear fishing are most impressive as is her fierce conviction. She may be petite but she roars like a lion when she locates a new specimen to study. Winona has been given the step increase to Nature Researcher VIII position, which is at the expert level.

The Antagonists

Creole Bessie Lady Marmelade
Former position: Environmental Technician
Promotion: Sensory Panel Specialist

Bessie eventually realized that she wanted more of a challenge than the role of Environmental Technician provided. With Makenzie’s vacancy of the Food Tester position, she requested to assume those duties. Because of her extraordinarily proportioned nose and ears, I have reconfigured the Food Tester position to include additional senses. As a Sensory Panel Specialist, Bessie will now monitor both indoor and outdoor environments and is to report back accurately.

Former position: Food Tester
Promotion: Adventure Trip Leader

I’ve decided that a Food Tester really should have a rather discerning palette in order to be effective. Kenner (that’s what I call her), as it turns out, loves to eat anything and everything, and so isn’t a good judge of taste. But since I know she also loves the outdoors, I have decided to create a new position that is a much better fit for her. As Adventure Trip Leader she can share her enthusiasm of nature and navigation skills with others.

Lily Madison Cameron
Former position: Intern
Promotion: Costume Consultant

Lily has completed her intense internship at Noir Kitty Mews. I had assigned her endless remedial tasks (i.e. daily cream latte runs, nip deliveries, hairball removal) in hopes that she would break. But to my surprise she held on, so I am promoting her to Costume Consultant, as she seems willing to try on anything and accessorize too. She loves the spotlight, so I’ll have to keep her in check. I can’t have her trying to take over my blog!

Former position: Arborist
Promotion: Forrester

Peanut’s love of trees is astounding. In addition to daily checks of the oaks, maples and cherry trees in the yard, she has moved on to the regular planting of sunflowers, acorns, and other seeds throughout the garden. And still she always maintains a large hoard of her favorite shelled beans! (Note: Because of her high energy and obsessive compulsive nature, I have reasonable suspicion and am instituting a drug policy at Noir Kitty Mews, nip excluded.) At this time I have moved her over to the Forrester position (assuming she is clean). And yes, even a Peanut can get promoted, ’cause I’m a nice kitty.

CONCATULATIONS to all the Staff!

Have you received a promotion in your line of work lately? I would love for you to comment. And now I hope you will join the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop hosted by BlogPaws. Just add your linky below and click on those of furr-iends to see what they are up to. Mew Mew!


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