Cats of Jerusalem

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Allow me to share some awesome stuff about my favorite animal which I found over the web you ought to read.

This is from one of the greatest cat blog websites on-line.

Hi everyone! We are joining Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop and Ten Things of Thankful. I used a new site called photovisi which is a site to make photo collages. There is a free service and a paid premium one. I am pleased with the choices on the free service which is how I made this collage.

Special thanks to my friend’s daughter who spent the past 5 months at a dance school in Jerusalem. She said there are cats everywhere and took many photos, including these. It breaks my heart that they are homeless, but she said they are well fed and quite friendly. I also didn’t notice any tipped ears so I fear they are not fixed.

Here are my thankfuls-

  1. Thankful my friends had a safe time in Israel and are now back home.
  2. Thankful there are so many TNR programs in the USA- I wish they were everywhere.
  3. Zataar, a tasty spice blend my friends brought back from Jerusalem. I added some to humus and it is fantastic!
  4. Thankful we have had rainstorms between the snowstorms so it never accumulates.
  5. Thankful for the library, I am going to get Season one of Timeless tomorrow to keep us busy during The Olympics. The show returns in March, it is canceled, but they made a short season 2 to wrap up the show for fans. Have you ever seen it?
  6. A cat Cardiologist less than an hour away, I had Emmy’s ultrasound report sent there and she is recommending we start meds. I agree, I want to stop damage instead of waiting to see if she gets any.
  7. The flu shot seems to be working for us, so far.
  8.  A $1 box of bandages, my mom got them for The Great One and we enjoyed seeing her put them all over her dolls 🙂
  9. A $1 package of diapers I got The Great One for her dolls. I can’t believe it costs $6 for 3 doll diapers and only $1 for 5 real diapers-that is a rip off.
  10. All my cats, they are all unique and loving in their own way.

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